Printing in Hong Kong v/s Printing in China – Part 1

I believe most designers or clients have been struggling with this problem for many years. At the same time, I see a lot of my friends, clients and suppliers experiencing disappointment after they got printing products from China. 80% of the product is crappy, with pretty much the same issues such as: inaccurate colors, shabby edges on diecut, poor paper quality, and poor packaging for transportation. In my experience, 50% of such orders are totally unacceptable and require re-printing, while the other 50% is marginally acceptable but the designer may still need to apologize to the client for the substandard quality.

I still fail to understand as to why do we still need to approach printers in China? I agree that China is the cheaper option, but in the long run, the costs run MUCH higher. Not only does the designer have to spend extra for re-printing, but the cheap product gradually and irreversibly harms the design house’s reputation.

Therefore, I still take my business to the local printer even the cost is a little higher because I can be assured of the quality. In China, because of the tax policy, it is impossible to produce quality stuff. Moreover, using import paper in Hong Kong is cheaper than in China.

Written by Alan Lee (

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