My Design Workspaces – Then and Now

My Design Workspaces – 2000 to 2012

You have probably read a lot  about designers’ workspaces from all around the world. Some of them are really kick-ass and awesome, so I’m not going to get into that again. All I want to do is share and compare my workspace, then and now.
It would be a very interesting to see the metamorphosis of a working environment and how it affects a designer’s creativity, since the design studio is the place that cultivates a lot of great ideas for  different categories of designs. This time I will be the first one to show mine, and I hope you guys can share yours too.

2000 -2002

This was my first workstation after I graduated from design school as a web designer. My daily job was to design the Flash animations, which would then be coded by the programmer.

Office Location: Causeway Bay, Hong Kong   | Computer: An unknown PC

2003 -2004

When I joined the advertising agency, as shown in the picture, I was practically on fire everyday. I would work till11pm every night, sometimes even overnight – it was the craziest time in my life. My daily job was to designing the packaging for Wai Yuen Tong ( A Chinese medicine company), prepare the advertisement output files for Samsung, PCCW, Dai Sung Bank…etc.

Office Location: Wan Chai, Hong Kong | Computer: Apple Power Mac G4 400 AGP / OS9.1

2004 -2005

This is my beloved office when I was working at React Design. We had a Maple wood floor, perfect for walking bare foot inside the office in summer time. My duties there were to create hotel packaging, restaurant menus and corporate identities.

Office Location: Central, Hong Kong  | Computer: Apple Power Mac G4 466 Digital Audio / OSX 10.3,  Apple Power Mac G5 1.8 PCI / OSX 10.3

2006 -2008

Li & Fung Trading Ltd. is a giant corporate with offices spread worldwide. This was the first time that I worked in such a large company and with so many people. The experience gave me a new perspective on business. My duties here were designing the packaging for Walmart, Kohl’s, Belk..etc.

Office Location: Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon  |  Computer: Apple Power Mac G5 2.7  DP / OSX 10.4

2008 -2009

I joined a small design house, where I enjoyed designing corporate identities and logos. I even  managed and monitored the work of two other designers.

Office Location: Lai Causwaybay, Hong Kong |  Computer: Apple Power Mac G5 2.3  DP / OSX 10.5

2010 (four months)

This is the Bergner’s design office – a typical one, zero design element, nothing special.

Office Location: Central, Hong Kong |  Computer: Apple Power Mac G5 2.3  DP / OSX 10.5

Home office: Lamma Island (2005-2009)


Lamma Island is the most beautiful and unique island in Hong Kong, and that’s where I had my beloved home office too.

Computer: Apple Power Mac G4 1.25 Mirror Door / OSX 10.3 – 10.5,  Apple Power Mac G5 2.0 PCI / OSZ10.5

Home office: Coastal Skyline (Now)

This is my home office now.

Computer: Apple Mac Mini C2D 2.0 / OSX 10.6,  Apple Mac Mini C2D 2.4 / OSX 10.6

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