Collecting the clothes tags

Collecting the clothes tags in 90’s

When I was a teenager, I’m unavoidably chasing the fashion brands, as the limited money I had, the most luxury jeans I can buy is Levi’s, York and Chevignon, beside the clothing itself, I ready love the design of the clothes tags, thus eventually I collected a box of tags! Digging out the old stuff is much fun, it’s reminded me the old days when I wearing those pair of jeans, hanging out with my buddies, and it’s worn eventually after all these years, they’re the witnesses of my wasted youth.

The other thing I love the cloths tags is the sensation of papers, most of them are made of wood free paper, giving it a rough and soft touch, and they’re in different shapes, when all of them putting together, it’s composed a dazzling image.

I collected a box of them, they’re all from 1993 to 2000.

York 614 is one of my all time favor at that era, soft and comfortable, and the tag looks classic too.

In 90’s everyone should have a pair of 501!

Collecting the clothes tags Chevignon

I had 3 pair of Chevignon jeans, their tags is biggest among Levi’s and Lee, they’re French but the design is American cowboy style.

Collecting the clothes tags-Streetball

The old Adidas “Street Ball” series, I had a pair of their basketball shoes.

How can a 90’s kids in Hong Kong not having a SCENE’s product? I had a down jacket.

Classic brand with classic logo.

Collecting the clothes tags is much fun! And thanks for watching my very private closet!


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