Monogum Creative working desk.

This is the new working desk set up of my small home office, Monogum Creative setup for over 3 years already, the work space layout is now become more and more mature.
Working desk of Monogum

 Working equipment

On the desk, you may found the orange table lamp, that one I bought from Berlin’s fleas market for only €25, made in West Germany in 70’s. The speaker is Scandyna Micropod SE, pretty sweet in human voice, so ideal for Skype meeting; Under the 27″ Apple LED Display is my Mac mini (later 2010 model), I use this to finished handred of project, and think I can last 2 more years; next to it is M-audio Fast Track USB interface, for my quitar playing and recording; The desk is from Franc Franc.

On the left hand side is Epson V600 film flatbed scanner, prefect for my 120 film scanning; underneath is IKEA cabinet.

Working desk of MonogumHome Office

This is the living room in my house. Housing in Hong Kong is a headache problem, price is rocket high and space is minimal, thus I spent many time to maximising the storage area, in order to get more empty space, even it is tiny, but still a very comfortable living and working space.

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