Why Facebook advertising not working for freelance designer

Facebook Advertising

Recently I’ve some free time after Chinese new year, and tried to plan the new marketing work for this website, one of the thing I instantly think of is facebook advertising, since I’ve created the Facebook fans page, thus the system always prompt me to place the ad on their sidebar. They have two payment options, one is the maximum pay per click cost every single day, another one is a lump sum of money for a certain of time. I almost did that and before go to the payment page, suddenly I feel that is something wrong.

Target Audience

For most of the common people like me, the main function of Facebook is social networking, to check out how’s my friends doing, who’s getting married, who’s birthday today…etc, and seriously who will lookup the ad bar on the right hand side? The most eye catching ad is the discount coupon type of retail related message, who will care the freelancers services here? Facebook is a wrong place to do the promotion for our industry, it is like wearing a suit to BBQ party.

CTR (Click-through rate)

And also, I did some research in google, and found out most of the users said the CTR only around 0.01%, is lower than Google and Linkedin, it is no surprise, who will click the ad while reading friend’s stories?


In order to bring more traffic to the website, I think Google+ eventually will become an essential tools, since it is closely work with Google algorithm ( of course they’re flowing the same blood), thus more effort on Google+ Marketing seem more efficiency than throw money on Facebook Advertising bar. But of course, when I have more cash flow that is no harm to do it, since it is not gonna break my bank.


facebook ad

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