Design book recommended: Narita Inspected (2001 Japan)

Dig out the old design book

This is a contemporary Japanese graphic design book, I bought it from PageOne in 2001, this is a great book to show the modern Japan graphic design, from computer games to commercial advertising. Even it was 12 years old, but most of the materials still not aged and dated when I look at it today, quite admire for the Japanese designers their insight and graphic sense. Design-book-narita-inspectedThe cover is a scanned luggage image at Tokyo’s Narita airport, with the plastic pocket outside.


Design-book-narita-inspected03Whole book using very high quality paper and ink, many Pantone color used, very eye catching. Due to the supreme quality paper, after 12 years it’s still very write.

Design-book-narita-inspected04This illustration style still very popular today.




Look at this! This is how a Japanese design studio looks like! I still wonder why they have the capsule toy machines back there!Design-book-narita-inspected06


The Power Mac G3, a very signature blade in the old day.Design-book-narita-inspected07


Power Mac G4 sawtooth with CRT monitor, I think most of the 30+ graphic design used to work with it, at that era, our desk have not much space after this two beasts sitting on it, and the screen is only 15-17″, it is quite painful to produce the oversize artwork.



This book is available in Amazon:



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