My logo design presentation video for oversea clients.

Logo Design Presentation video

Since my clients is in every corners of the world, we communicate with email, Skype and Whatsapp, it is enough for exchange informations, such as color theme, the idea of shapes…etc. But when I want to present the logo ideas, I found the limit to show the visuals in still formats like PDF and jpg, it simply cannot show the passion and rationale behind the logo, therefore I made videos and put it in my Youtube channel, add some sound effect via Garageband, only spend 2 more hours to do the presentation, but the result is dramatically different.

Recently I made a video for a readymade concrete mixing company in Bintulu, Malaysia, in the video I shown 3 different concepts, and finally they pick the option A to further develop.

Here is a very good case study for my oversea clients, thanks for watching!

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