App icon and graphic design for an iPhone game



Recent one of my friend started to develop iPhone application, and he invited me to give him some graphics for the 1st game – Picaboo Star.

here is the instruction of the game from his offical website :

“By controlling the star’s direction and preventing other enemies to break through the boundary you are creating, you can reveal the secret image hidden behind the scene!”

Download Picaboo Star from App Store now!

Design book recommended: Narita Inspected (2001 Japan)

Dig out the old design book

This is a contemporary Japanese graphic design book, I bought it from PageOne in 2001, this is a great book to show the modern Japan graphic design, from computer games to commercial advertising. Even it was 12 years old, but most of the materials still not aged and dated when I look at it today, quite admire for the Japanese designers their insight and graphic sense.  (more…)

Why Facebook advertising not working for freelance designer

Facebook Advertising

Recently I’ve some free time after Chinese new year, and tried to plan the new marketing work for this website, one of the thing I instantly think of is facebook advertising, since I’ve created the Facebook fans page, thus the system always prompt me to place the ad on their sidebar. They have two payment options, one is the maximum pay per click cost every single day, another one is a lump sum of money for a certain of time. I almost did that and before go to the payment page, suddenly I feel that is something wrong. (more…)

Monogum Creative working desk.

This is the new working desk set up of my small home office, Monogum Creative setup for over 3 years already, the work space layout is now become more and more mature.
Working desk of Monogum

 Working equipment

On the desk, you may found the orange table lamp, that one I bought from Berlin’s fleas market for only €25, made in West Germany in 70’s. The speaker is Scandyna Micropod SE, pretty sweet in human voice, so ideal for Skype meeting; Under the 27″ Apple LED Display is my Mac mini (later 2010 model), I use this to finished handred of project, and think I can last 2 more years; next to it is M-audio Fast Track USB interface, for my quitar playing and recording; The desk is from Franc Franc.

On the left hand side is Epson V600 film flatbed scanner, prefect for my 120 film scanning; underneath is IKEA cabinet.

Working desk of MonogumHome Office

This is the living room in my house. Housing in Hong Kong is a headache problem, price is rocket high and space is minimal, thus I spent many time to maximising the storage area, in order to get more empty space, even it is tiny, but still a very comfortable living and working space.

Sophie Raynaud – an artist from France.

Last year I met Sophie Raynaud in the event – Enlightened Substance Exhibition, she is a young artist from France, I was amused by her smile series artworks, she use the smiling face to adapted on many difference subjects, even the shape is pretty simple, but it’s never get bored when I looking at every single piece of painting, I found they’re unique, and with different expression. I took some photos of her painting, and hope more and more people to know Sophie, a happy painter.


In this photo I really love the Lollipop  and the Bat one, simple shape and composition,  created the nice native spacing.

Needless the say, I love the way she create the great wall with the smile shape; and the Slot machine is nice too.sophie-raynaud-1

sophie-raynaud-4Elfel tower!