Scandyna Micropod SE on my working desk

Monogum office 2013

Recently I bought a new speaker – Scandyna Micropod SE on my desk, the reason is the fabulous outlook and sweet sound, I did a lot of research from Google, and read many reviews from Amazon kind of website, even it is not a top notch speaker, but the human voice sound very warm and sweet, it is very suitable for me to have some soft jazz music while I’m working at night. Forget to mention that from now on I can hear the better voice when I’m talking in Skype with my oversea clients.

My little photo booth for portfolio shots

My little photo booth for portfolio shots, at home

As a graphic designer, besides the mission of create stunning and beautiful art piece, another important duty is to present them nicely to clients and potential clients. We don’t need the pricey professional camera or a spacious studio to finish it, all we need is just the basic concept of photography, like the relationship of aperture, shutter speed and iso, plus some color sheets for the backdrop, we’re ready to go. Let me show you how do I turn my tiny house into a temporary photo booth.

My little photo booth for product shots 5

The 1st thing to do is to choose the suitable color sheet for the background, the principle is not to conflict with main objects, I tend to use the earthy colors, as you can see in my portfolio pages.

My little photo booth for product shots 2

This is the basic setup, I will move the table next to the window, in order to get the natural sun light comes in, since I didn’t own any flash, therefore all shots need to be taken at day time, and it should be a sunny day, the picture will looks a little bit grey if I do it on cloudy day, this is the biggest constrain of my portfolio shots!

This is the result. It is not too bad to using the natural sun light.

My little photo booth for product shots 1

But too much sun light is the problem too! It will lead to loss the details, and the contrast will be too strong.

My little photo booth for product shots 4

Sometime I want to make a overhead shot, I will use this method to hang my camera, in this situation I will will my Lumix G 14mm, wider and capture more area.


The camera I use for my portfolio shots:

Body:Panasonic Lumix G1

Lenses: Lumix G 20mm, 14mm

Collecting the clothes tags

Collecting the clothes tags in 90’s

When I was a teenager, I’m unavoidably chasing the fashion brands, as the limited money I had, the most luxury jeans I can buy is Levi’s, York and Chevignon, beside the clothing itself, I ready love the design of the clothes tags, thus eventually I collected a box of tags! Digging out the old stuff is much fun, it’s reminded me the old days when I wearing those pair of jeans, hanging out with my buddies, and it’s worn eventually after all these years, they’re the witnesses of my wasted youth.

The other thing I love the cloths tags is the sensation of papers, most of them are made of wood free paper, giving it a rough and soft touch, and they’re in different shapes, when all of them putting together, it’s composed a dazzling image.

I collected a box of them, they’re all from 1993 to 2000.

York 614 is one of my all time favor at that era, soft and comfortable, and the tag looks classic too.

In 90’s everyone should have a pair of 501!

Collecting the clothes tags Chevignon

I had 3 pair of Chevignon jeans, their tags is biggest among Levi’s and Lee, they’re French but the design is American cowboy style.

Collecting the clothes tags-Streetball

The old Adidas “Street Ball” series, I had a pair of their basketball shoes.

How can a 90’s kids in Hong Kong not having a SCENE’s product? I had a down jacket.

Classic brand with classic logo.

Collecting the clothes tags is much fun! And thanks for watching my very private closet!


Red wine label design – Story behind Kookavale

Red wine label design

Recently when I show my red wine label design project to my clients and friends, they love the design and curious how I made this, the typical question is whether I create it on computer or sketch pad, the answer is on both materials! Basically the client gave me the detail brief, insisted that they want their native Australian bird Kookaburra to be the main visual, other thing is up to my design.

Therefore, I spent some time to google, wiki, images search for the information about this Kookaburra bird, and knew that when they tweet, it’s sound like a human laugher, thus I have to make a happy bird for this wine label.

red wine label design ref

red wine label design sketch
After I deeply understand the shape, moving and gesture of kookaburra, I started to draw my own version of this bird, combining every details that I found in google. I’m using 0.3 super auto pencil, the fine tips is so helpful to do the shading.

red wine label design finish

The most time consuming process is sketching, it’s took me two days to draw and modify the gesture, and there is also another wave of modification after it was scanned and re-draw it in Adobe Illustrator, that is a long process behind this unique red wine label. The client love it so much, and I’m proud to present it to my friend and family. By the way, this wine is taste good, sweet and not too sour, perfect for wedding event!

Red wine label design is a tough job, we need to consider a lot of difference aspect like the size, color, shape and content visibility among other brand at the same shelf, but it is quite challenging and I love it.


My Digital life then and now

Consider that the property price is insanely high in Hong Kong, must of us living in a very tiny apartment, storage space is always insufficient .

After more than two years of hard work, I digitalized all magazines, books, movies and music, free up ton of space in my house, most of the books goes to recycle bin or donations, trashed the CD/DVD box and only keep the disces, but they maybe gone some time soon. Now my home looks spacious again, this is my digital life.