Cosy working space

Monogum Creative studio was started in 2010, and my working space keep changing from time to time.

A cosy working space is an essential requirement for creative persons, we need to think, to create and to execute ideas, therefore I put a lot of effort to make my place looks nice ūüôā

monogum office 2017-lo

New Monogum brochure in multiple colors!

I’m proud to present the new set of Monogum Creative brochure!

The cover is using AstroBrights color papers, with the interlocking design to¬†securer the content, since I don’t have much budget to go mass production, every single one is handmade at studio! Every weekend I will pre-made some of them, and that’s enough for use in a week, and give it out when I meet the new client. I will make more color when I got more fund to produce it.

Monogum_brandbook-01 Continue reading → New Monogum brochure in multiple colors!

The first ever logo design showreel!

Yesterday I spent my entire day to produce a logo design showreel, to explain the concept behind some of my  works. This is a very important marketing tool for me, since many clients asked the same question via email and face to face meeting, Thus I decided to create a series of video to get some of them explained.

In the featured logo in Vol.1 :

Completed Revamp, Lighten Style, GEM Diamond, Hana, Carbon 360, Mappa System and Delta Kitchen

The video can be found in the Showreel page or watch the video below.

Appeared on the first page of Packaging Design Served.

First page

Today I’ve got an email from Behance,¬†the famous online design¬†portfolio¬†site, told me that my work Wine label design fro Kookavale was¬†appeared on the first page of Packaging Design Served, this is one of the Served Sites from Behance, for me this is a great¬†recognition, a bunch of hard work started to payoff. Wish that more¬†opportunity¬†to working on the fabulous project with fantastic clients in this year, and wish those work will win more and more awards too. Continue reading → Appeared on the first page of Packaging Design Served.

App icon and graphic design for an iPhone game



Recent one of my friend started to develop iPhone application, and he invited me to give him some graphics for the 1st game – Picaboo Star.

here is the instruction of the game from his offical website :

“By controlling the star’s direction and preventing other enemies to break through the boundary you are creating, you can reveal the secret image hidden behind the scene!”

Download Picaboo Star from App Store now!

Design book recommended: Narita Inspected (2001 Japan)

Dig out the old design book

This is a¬†contemporary Japanese graphic design book, I bought it from PageOne in 2001, this is a great book to show the modern Japan graphic design, from computer games to¬†commercial¬†advertising. Even it was 12 years old, but most of the materials still not aged and dated when I look at it today, quite admire for the Japanese designers their insight and graphic sense.¬† Continue reading → Design book recommended: Narita Inspected (2001 Japan)

Why Facebook advertising not working for freelance designer

Facebook Advertising

Recently I’ve some free time after Chinese new year, and tried to plan the new marketing work for this website, one of the thing I instantly think of is facebook¬†advertising, since I’ve created the Facebook fans page, thus the system always¬†prompt¬†me to place the ad on their sidebar. They have two payment options, one is the maximum pay per click cost every single day, another one is a lump sum of money for a certain of time. I almost did that and before go to the payment page,¬†suddenly¬†I feel that is something wrong. Continue reading → Why Facebook advertising not working for freelance designer

Nice Stamp design – Soviet Union in 1975

Recently I bought a very cool set of stamps from eBay, 30th¬†anniversary of WWII victory. The red is typical soviet color, it’s good together with black and light yellow, I particularly love the¬†soldiers¬†illustrations, very strong and steady, and the overall composition is very tight and very rich, US$ 3.99 is well spend for these extraordinary¬†stamps!

CCCP Soviet stamps