ShiDa Casha

Brand development

Khokhloma, which is a style of Russian wood painting well known for its vibrant flower patterns in red and gold colors over black background.

The lunch card design, for customers to collect stamps and get a free meal!

Project description

Shi Da Casha is a Russian restaurant housed on the ground floor of the Butterfly on Prat Hotel in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui. The restaurant, opened in May 2009, serves traditional Russian cuisine rich in poultry, fish, and grain such as blinchiki, the chicken “tabaka,” beef stroganoff, smoked duck breast, and pickled herring in beet juice.

In Russian Shi means “broccoli soup,” and Casha means “a meal made from buckwheat or oats.” According to Shi Da Casha’s owner, a Moscow native, Hong Kong’s culinary landscape is dotted with several Russian restaurants. The chief chef was brought in from The Moscow Kremlin to bring an authentic flavour and variety to the dishes.

To extend the traditional concept to the interior and menu design, we designed the building’s exterior and a complete range of stationery for the restaurant using classical Russian art and décor elements.

Project details

Category: Brand development

Client: ShiDa Casha

Created: November 17, 2015