Pernod Ricard elite club

Luxury brochure design

Hainan Rendezvous is one of the biggest luxury-lifestyle shows in the world and takes place on Hainan Island. Only elite and wealthy VVIPs are even eligible to attend the event. Pernod Ricard is one of the brands that showcase their expensive liquors and wines at the event. They asked for a lavish brochure to reflect their opulent products. The brochure is in a box format with serveral customized 26 cm or approximately 10 inch coasters. Besides the main brochure, I also designed their name badges, table cards, and invitations. We partnered with Wide Ocean Printing Co. Ltd.

Making dummies.

Since this project involved multiple items and structures, I made the dummies instead of the printing company. Making dummies also gives me a better understanding of the project’s overall structure and challenges before I send the final product to the printer.

Project Details

Category: Design Printing

Client: Pernod Ricard