Logo revamp project: New Forest Restaurant

Logo revamp project: New Forest Restaurant

New Forest LogoNF-Logo.jpgNew Forest Restaurant it is one of my beloved restaurant when I’m working in a agency film in 2003, their signature dishes is vary of baked dishes. The restaurant were opened in 1998, it’s over 10 years, The owner said there is something wrong with the branding, but he don’t know what is the problem and which part went wrong, but he and the partners doesn’t feel pleasing with the visual.New Forest Old Logo.jpg

The old logo was composed by the outline of tree, and the creator tried to tie in the letters of “n,f,r”, which is corresponding to “New” “Forest” “Restaurant”, the idea is not bad but the result is ugly. The 1st impact of this visual is kiddish, too whimsical, and not professional in term of design sense. And the thing is, who the hell will care the “n,f,r” character in the logo?

Beside the logo mark, the font is a disaster too. The Chinese words look like written by a six year old fat boy, plus it is nothing to do with the English font, they’re totally without any relationship, this font is dated and fit for the night club in 1980’s. This is the main reason why the visual is hard to etch into people’s mind, when to people talk about New Forest, people can barely remember the tree logo, and I bet no one know the English characters inside the tee.

So now 1st step of the project is get rid of the old clumsy kiddish logo, and rethink a completely new one.

Since the signature dishes of New Forest is baked dishes, I think this is one of the key element of the logo. Another thing should change is the font, and it is not merely the font, but a logotype, a graphic presentation of Chinese and English word.

New Forest LogoSketchesThe hand sketches during development.

New Forest New Logo.jpgThe logo mark idea is very simple, just the integration of tree, bake dish and food aroma, the visual is simple and strong, and more relevant to the theme of “Forest”. For the logotype, I created the whole new Chinese characters, cope with the forest theme, using the tree shapes as the key element, Chinese customers can easily digest the message from the logo. I put the English logo subtly underneath the huge Chinese logotype, since the major target audience is local Cantonese, therefore the English new is relatively less important.

Compare to the old logo, the new one have a huge improvement, in term of shape and color, the visual now is professional, much better balance better the graphic and characters. And the next step is to apply this new image into shop front, menus, poster…etc. The project is still on going, and end up is the book of corporate identity guideline, in order to keep the consistency in the future.

New Forest Logoall-food2.jpg

New Forest Logo_1010199.jpg

Brand development for Caffair

Brand development for Caffair

Caffair is the company that providing coffee products and professional service. Established in 2008 and based in Hong Kong, the company imported the world renowned coffee equipment.

The client invited me to get a new logo for them, as them don’t really have a logo mark before, just a calligraphy style company name, therefore, they need an easy reconlize and iconic logo.

Caffair Logo 900.jpg


Shida Casha Russian Bar & Restaurant

Shida Casha Russian Bar & Restaurant

Shi Da Casha is a Russian restaurant housed in the ground floor of the Butterfly on Prat Hotel in Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui. The restaurant, which opened in May 2009, serves traditional Russia cuisine.

Logo Design for ShiDa Casha Bar and Restaurant 06.jpgTo extend the traditional concept to interior and menu decoration, We designed the exteriors and complete range of stationery for the restaurant using classical art and décor elements for traditional Russian.

Logo Design for ShiDa Casha Bar and Restaurant 02.jpg
This floral pattern called “Khokhloma”, is the traditional Russian handcraft flower pattern.Logo Design for ShiDa Casha Bar and Restaurant 01.jpg

Logo Design for ShiDa Casha Bar and Restaurant 05.jpg