The British Chamber Hong Kong

Visual Design

30 years of Britcham in Hong Kong

Every year The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong holds an annual ball to celebrate their business success with their clients, members, and guests. This time, I developed the event’s key visual with the event headline: “Lights, Camera, Action,” showcasing British classics such as James Bond, Monty Python, Bridget Jones, and Mr Bean.

First, we shortlisted an extensive movie list, and we picked some iconic films for the key visuals. After drafting and revising the graphic by hand, I digitalised the image so Britcham could use it on different mediums, such as backdrops, bags, and invitations.

The event link:

Source: The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Key visual design

The 1st draft of hand sketch.

Invitation card inspired from a clapper board.

Entrance of the ball room.

Goodie bag.