Logo Refresh for New Forest Restaurant

New Forest Restaurant and their various signature baked dishes was one of my beloved restaurants when I was working in an agency film in 2003. After over ten years, the restaurant opened in 1998, the owner decided their logo was not working for him or his partners, but he did not know what was wrong with or how to fix the branding. He and his partners just did not find the logo visually appealing.

The old logo was composed with the outline of a tree and the initials of the restaurant (NFR). The idea was good, but the result is ugly. Even the best ideas can turn out badly if one does not properly execute the idea into a visually pleasing graphic. The first impression this logo gives is sophomoric and generic, not professional. Who the hell really cares if the Chinese characters for NFR are incorporated into the logo?

Even the font in the logo is a disaster. The Chinese words look like they were written by a six-year-old child, and the Chinese characters have nothing to do with the English font. A logo seamlessly incorporates complementing ideas and elements relevant to the brand. This font is dated and fit for a 1980s night club.

This logo is hard for people to remember even when people are talking about the great New Forest because the logo lacks any real connection to the restaurant. For Non-Chinese speaking people, the Chinese characters are meaningless.

The first step was to kill the childish logo and create a logo that reflected the quality and purpose of the restaurant. Since New Forest’s signature dishes are baked, the baked dishes have to be one of the key visual elements in the logo.  Of course, the font or logotype (a graphic presentation of a Chinese and English word) needed to updated and eye-catching.

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